White Dwarf Article

Back in the dawn of time, during my full time days, somehow I attracted the attention of the gods of Games Workshop. So much so they invited me down for a day at the studio and a smack-up meal at Bugmans. The project I was working on was a joint effort on an Imperial Guard Mechanised Army. Here’s the article Games Workshop published in issue 296 October 1998. And Yes, I had more hair and no beard back then.

I’ve had my works discreetly published god-knows how many times. Games Workshop NEVER credits painters, even it’s own in-house ones, unless it’s a specific article or award winning piece. Lets see, John-Paul Brissigotti one time Games Workshop Director had several articles in White Dwarf D using my mini’s, Beastmen, Imperial fists, a Mordenhiem gang, to name a few.

The pictures Games Workshop used of the Imperial Guard article found their way into every Games Workshop catalogue since 2000. At the time of writing, I still have a piece in the 2008 Games Workshop catalogue. Check it out……That rough rider – that’s mine that is!


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