I’ve painted literally thousand of miniatures over my career, here’s a (very) rough selection by timeline:

Early 90′s – 40k Genestealer brood, 40k Orks, Epic Ork army, 40k chaos army (you should have seen it – it was nuts!) and a Fantasy Empire Army. Mostly dominated by small units, or super-massive projects in collaboration with long-time associate and Convertor extraordinaire “Tommo” Laing.

Late 90′s saw me as a “professional” painter – now the workload increases! 40k Sisters of Battle army, 40k Blood Angel Army, 40k Imperial Fist Army, 40k Dark Angels army, 40k Eldar army, Fantasy Beastman army, 40k Imperial Guard army, Fantasy Brettonians army (boy that was fun -NOT!), Fantasy Dogs of War army, Fantasy Undead Army, and the award winning 40k Chaos army.

The new millennium sees me move away from long term GW contracts, and into the private sector. We start off with more 40k Eldar, 40k Witch Hunters, Black Templars, More Eldar, several Blood bowl teams, and hundreds of pieces that found their way onto Ebay…

The gallery is just a random collection of pieces accumulated over the years. Every single last piece has gone off to a happy customer, at some point, and I’ve loved working on every god-damned minute of it (yea, even the bloody horses!).

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