My name is Paul and welcome to my Painting Emporium. I’m a professional miniature painter living in the UK, primarily a Warhammer (including Warhammer 40000) painter but I also paint a variety of fantasy and historical miniatures, including Dungeons and Dragons minis. I’ve got 2 silver and 2 bronze demons from the coveted Golden Demon painting awards and my work has been published in White Dwarf magazine and many of the collectors guides and other Games Workshop publications. I enjoy it immensely but enjoy painting for others more (which is why that gold has eluded me!).

But don’t just take my word for it:

You can check out my finest warhammer miniatures and warhammer 40k miniatures on this very site. Every so often you get a mini that just “paints itself” or attains a level of significance that it warrants special attention. Check out the Gallery for minis that have gone out to happy customers. Each on of these mini’s have gone into private collections around the world. America, Canada, Spain even as far as Australia! If you want any custom work doing please feel free to contact me on the forum, or email me at paul@ppemporium.com. I’m always up for new challenges! It’s not just Games Workshop either; I’ve painted Flames of War, and some Napoleonic’s, an ED209 and even the Bateman house from Psycho!

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    New site launched

    April 9, 2011 - bisheh

    Well it’s been a while since version 2 of the site was created, version 3 is long overdue. Hopefully this is a big improvement over what went before.

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